Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Breed French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog is one of the most popular dogs in the country. If you're interested in getting into the dog breeding business, starting with French Bulldogs might just be a good idea! However if you're interested in breeding French Bulldogs as a hobby, or even just to add a few pups to the family, you may still find this article useful.

Let's start this out by giving a little information about French Bulldogs so you can get a good idea of what kind of dog you're bringing into the family (or in the case of dog breeders, what kind of dog you'll be selling to other families).

About French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog (sometimes referred to as "Frenchie") is a descendant of the English Bulldog. It is known in France as a "Bouledogue Francais". These dogs are great for first-time owners, families and kids. They even adapt well to apartment living.

If you're going to be a dog breeder as a profession, it's important to know some of the highlights about French Bulldogs so that you can educate families on the benefits. Some of the most appealing characteristics of these awesome little guys include:

  • They're mostly kid-friendly.
  • They're usually friendly to strangers.
  • They're usually friendly with other dogs.
  • They're really easy to groom.
  • They're fairly easy to train.
  • They're extremely playful.
You should also know that although they don't need a lot of exercise, daily walks are important to maintain health. This is something every pet owner should know about before buying a pet (the last thing you want is to sell a dog to an irresponsible owner).

Some other important things to note about French Bulldogs is that they have a tendency to fart and they can be a bit messy at times. Good training will help keep a house clean. You should also know that they don't handle intense heat or intense cold very well. This is one of the reasons that they're pretty good for apartment living (with controlled temperatures). If you live in a place like Florida, you're going to want to have him inside a lot, or in a shaded and cool area so that he doesn't get harmed from the intense heat.

Although French Bulldogs don't have a tendency to be extremely loud, there are sometimes exceptions. Again, some good training should help an owner get past this.

If you're learning how to breed French Bulldogs so that you can sell them, a person who has owned a dog before will be an easy sale because they already know a lot of the pros and cons of owning a dog. For a new owner it might be a good idea to inform them about some of the characteristics of this dog.

With that being said, let's go into some of the aspects of breeding. Please note that I'm not a vet or doctor of any kind. The best resource to learn how to breed French Bulldogs is the course I took. You can get it for $1 (check the link on the side of the screen, or my article on how to start a dog breeding business).

How to Breed French Bulldogs

  1. Start by taking your dog to the vet to ensure that it's ready for the breeding process.
  2. Your vet may require that the breeding by done by a licensed doctor.
  3. Artificial insemination is a potential option that should be discussed with your vet.
  4. If your French Bulldog is ready and you are not required to have a vet perform the breeding, some guidance and assistance in the breeding process may be needed.
  5. Check in with your vet regularly according to their instructions on the status of the pregnancy.
Note: Some pregnancies are difficult on the mother and could even require a c-section. This is only one of the reasons why you should keep in close contact with your licensed vet.

There are many benefits to learning how to breed French Bulldogs. The course I took has taught me quite a bit and has allowed me the income and the freedom that I have today. You can get the guidance you need by enrolling, and it's well worth the investment.

Please seek out knowledge and advice from competent professionals before attempting any breeding! Although I might talk about my breeding a lot, my knowledge and experience as attributed to the amazing education that I've had. You can have that same education. I wish you all the best in your dog breeding and I look forward to hearing about your success!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

Let's start this post with what I call "The Problem". If you know that you want to breed dogs and want to learn how, just skip this part. I'm going to get into the dog breeding business shortly (in fact, I'll just tell you straight up that I learned everything I know from this course and it's what built my business).

It seems to me that there are quite a lot of people who aren't really happy with what they're doing, or that they're just looking for some kind of change in their life. I talk to a lot of dog lovers who tell me that they wish they could do what I do, but some of them seem to have the idea that it doesn't make money.

Some people think dog breeding is a just a hobby and wouldn't ever amount to anything else. If you've done your research, you know for a fact that dog breeding can be so much more than just a hobby.

So to clarify, "The Problem" that I see a lot of people face is that they have an interest in dog breeding, but they never take the action. They want to get out of the 9-5 grind that they hate, or they want to stop waiting tables, or they don't know what to do with their retirement, etc. They just don't know! If you knew with certainty that there was an opportunity to make more than enough money while doing something fun, you would jump right at the opportunity. Well, there definitely is such an opportunity and I'm about to tell you a bit about how to start a dog breeding business.

Is There Money in Dog Breeding?

The simple answer the the above question is YES. Whether you're looking to become wealthy or you just want to make your passion or hobby into something that you can make money with, a dog breeding business might just be the right thing for you.

There is actually A LOT of money to be made in this industry. There's a great article by Pop Sugar that talks about the 10 most expensive breeds of dogs. Just as an example, Akita puppies sell for at least $4,500, while Rottweiler puppies can go for as much as $8,000. English Bull Dogs will usually sell for around $3,000 (give or take a few). With the average dog pregnancy being about two months means that it really isn't difficult to make good money in this industry. In fact, this course showed me how to do it.

I haven't even mentioned yet that the mother will usually produce a litter of anywhere from 3 to 8 puppies (depending on the size and breed of the dog). This allows you to sell puppies by the pair and sometimes 3 at a time (I've had some families take as many as 4). I should take a moment to mention here that I don't like to separate the littler, so I encourage families to take at least two puppies at a time. This helps me make money while keeping my pups happy and the families happy.

If you're serious about breeding dogs, you could make great money by starting with a dog breed that is commonly requested (such as Yorkies). Yorkshire Terriers can be seen all over the place, and they are commonly sought out by families. They also happen to sell for up to $1,500 and the mother will usually produce a litter of about 3 - 5 pups. This could be an easy way to get a start into the business.

I highly recommend that if you're looking to profit off of dog breeding that you look into Google and Bing advertising. Google will provide you with tools to see which dog breeds are being searched for in your city. This is going to be one of the best ways to get your start into the business, because if you know that 100 people in your neighborhood are looking for English Bulldogs, you can be the supplier to that demand. You can also put out Google ads so that when they search for puppies they will find out about you and reach you first.

So... How do I Start?

I was fortunate to have come across an incredible opportunity early on. A good friend of mine, (also a dog lover) was spending a lot of his time breeding dogs. I didn't think much of it other than that he had a cool hobby. I participated and had fun learning a little bit about it. He wasn't an expert by any means, but he taught me a few tricks here and there while I helped him out.

Well one day Mike came across a dog breeding course. What started out as a hobby then became a career and a profession. We found out that hundreds of thousands of dollars can be made in the dog breeding industry and there was an offer that just seemed too good to be true.

I spent the $1 for the trial run and found that everything in the course was amazing! I continued to learn more and more, got some coaching along the way, and became part of an awesome group. I have to give credit to the course that showed me how it's done. You can check it out here if it's something you're interested in.

So if dog breeding is something that you're interested in trying out, even as a hobby, I strongly recommend it. What better way to make a living then to help families by providing them with man's best friend? What better companionship could you have than a dog who will love you and be with you to the bitter end (don't tell my wife I said that)?

I wish my readers all the very best in your dog breeding ventures! Feel free to check out the course that I took if you're really looking into starting a dog breeding business (it's really an awesome course). Thanks again for reading and I look forward to seeing you around!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Learn Dog Breeding

When it comes to dog breeding, there's not a whole lot to learn! In fact, it's really simple. Some people get the idea that it would be really hard to learn it, but it really isn't hard at all. Here's a little bit about my story and how I got into dog breeding.

I'm so glad I came across the opportunity to learn dog breeding. My wife and I love dogs and we found a way to make money off of it. It started off as just an idea, but it turned into something much bigger really fast. In fact, after only a few months of getting into the business we were able to replace our income! It was great!

My wife and I took a course that taught us everything we needed to know in terms of how to breed dogs, and then we applied the info to create our business. Some courses out there aren't so great, but we found one that worked really well for us.

At this point my wife and I do a lot of traveling because we've managed to very easily turn over the business to a manager. The system is really simple and allows you the free time to do the things that you really want in life.

I suppose the most rewarding aspect to dog breeding is that you know you're giving someone a new best friend. You can say with confidence that your puppies will be in a place where they will be loved and cared for. Some families just want to add a new member, while others just want some companionship. This is one of the most rewarding ways to accomplish it.

Whether you're looking at breeding corgis, bull dogs, golden retrievers or any other dog, the answers are out there for you to start your own dog breeding company. Even if you just want to breed dogs for yourself, there are great resources available that will teach you how to do it!

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